About us

Our promise: Simple, delicious and fresh spices. Chemistry-based. Sustainable sourced. No salt. Minimal processing. It's what we look for personally, and so do you. From farm to door, we're committed to delivering you flavourful, sustainable, and pure spices.


Paprika: Non-GMO, Organic, QAI Certified paprika from Israeli

Ancho Chilli: Non-GMO, USDA Organic, QAI Certified ancho chilli from the USA

Basil: Non-GMO, ACO and USDA Organic Certified basil from Egypt

Bay Leaf: Non-GMO, ACO Organic Certified bay leaves from Turkey

Celery Seeds: Non-GMO, NPOP NOP and EEC Organic Certified celery seeds from India

Chipotle: Non-GMO, USDA Organic Certified chipotle from Mexico

Chives: Non-GMO, NPOP NOP and EEC Organic Certified chives from India

Cumin: Non-GMO cumin from India

Garlic: Non-GMO, NASAA Organic Certified garlic from Australia

Peppercorns: Non-GMO, ACO Organic Certified black peppercorns from Indonesia

Cayenne: Non-GMO, NASAA Organic Certified cayenne from India

Cloves: Non-GMO, NASAA Organic Certified cloves from India

Ginger: Non-GMO, USDA Organic Certified ginger from India

Lemon: Non-GMO, NASAA, NOP & NOPA Organic Certified lemon peel from India

Marjoram: Non-GMO, NASAA Organic Certified marjoram from India

Mustard: Non-GMO, ACO Organic Certified mustard from Canada

Onion: Non-GMO, NASAA Organic Certified garlic from Australia

Oregano: Non-GMO, NASAA Organic Certified oregano from India

Parsley: Non-GMO, NASAA Organic Certified parsley from Germany

Rosemary: Non-GMO, ACO and USDA Organic Certified rosemary from Egypt

Sage: Non-GMO, ACO Organic Certified sage from Turkey

Tarragon: Non-GMO tarragon from France

Thyme: Non-GMO, USDA Organic Certified thyme from Hungary


Spice Source blends contain spices imported from countries of origin and processed in small, weekly batches. We begin by literally hand-sorting spices, ensuring our impossibly high quality standards are met. Spices are then blended in small batches, in a controlled environment, guaranteeing our customers products of consistent high quality. 

Once blends are packed and finished products are put through our testing regime, spices are ready to be shipped.


Spice Source is a family-owned business based in Marrickville, Sydney. Spice Source has been at the forefront of a food movement in favour of simple ingredients, sustainable sourcing and traditional processing.

If you're interested in joining the Spice Source family, please email us. We are always on the lookout for positive and ambitious team players to join our team.