Our sourcing process

Great meals start with great flavour, which is why premium flavour sits at the core of our end to end sourcing process.

We apply a clear philosophy when inviting suppliers into our global flavour network: We source from suppliers with the highest recommendations for premium quality, are sustainable and ethically producers, and equally passionate about quality food. At minimum, our suppliers are required to comply with our broader objectives and internal quality guidelines. This includes ensuring sustainable production, which is critical given the potential for environmental impacts and poor working conditions within the supply chain. As such, our sourcing programme aims to source only from primary suppliers, to assist with achieving a greater level of transparency. 

Our suppliers are chosen for their consistent high quality and reliability, community mindedness, proximity to local farms, and commitment to collaborating with farmers.

As we partner with suppliers, our relationships become a source of inspiration for us and fundamental to our story and the products we serve.

Premium flavour with the end in mind

To ensure that our spices maintain premium quality and freshness from source to in-house manufacture and delivery of products to customers, we ensure all products are manufactured in small, regular batch grinding. This helps ensure you have the highest quality spices for your cooking needs.